Bernita M. Berntsen, MD

4.7 out of 5 
Office Location:
The University of Kansas Health System General, Vascular and Bariatric Surgery


6001 SW 6th St Ste 220
Topeka , KS 66615
Phone: (785) 232-0444
Fax: (785) 228-4789
Surgery, General
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University of Kansas

Dr. Berntsen grew up on a farm in southeastern Kansas, and completed her entire medical education and residency at Kansas University. She’s a proud Kansan, through and through. Her versatility in the operating room (she specializes in laparoscopic, bariatric, general, vascular and hernia surgery) is a reflection of her compassion — she enjoys the challenge and reward of helping people overcome diseases through surgical care, and she aims to treat each of her patients with the level of care she’d want for her own family.

Featured Reviews



Back in September 2029 I had to have my stomach and esophagus removed due to a faulty Nissen Fundoplication Wrap. I had been to the Mayo Clinic and heard some disrespectful remarks from surgeons there, and was about to go to Florida when I found out about dr Bernsten. She is the best. She saved my life and I am forever blessed that she is my surgeon.

   — LORI Davis-Hines


Dr. Berntsen has changed my life! I have been struggling with my weight since I was a child (a long, long time ago), and Dr. Berntsen has given me so many healthy options for living a different life.

   — Mark Baum


Dr. Berntsen has been my Surgeon since 2012. She did my weight loss surgery, my skin removal, exploratory surgeries, etc. I'm a current patient of Dr. Berntsen's. I am looking at another surgery in the near future as well. She has taken care of me through many hospitalizations and complications due to my high risk medical history as well. She helped give me my life back through my weight loss surgery in 2012. I had suffered lung damage from being in a coma for 3 weeks from H1N1 (swine flu) in 2009. I could barely walk 10 feet without having trouble breathing after the coma and was in a wheelchair. I could write pages about the things she has done for me in the last 10 years. Trust if you need a surgeon, Dr. Berntsen is an excellent surgeon who cares about you, your outcome, well-being and makes you a priority.

   — Jessica Bingham


I had no complications from my surgery that was performed. more than 10 years ago. My weight is now stable with a healthy BMI, Type 2 Diabetes was reversed. I no longer have high blood pressure, high cholesterol, or sleep apnea. Joint pain from Rheumatoid Arthritis greatly reduced and is manageable without medication. Dr Berntsen is not only an excellent surgeon but she takes great care to equip patients with the instruction needed to maintain the weight loss and remain healthy. My quality of life is improved 100 percent. Dr Berntsen is an outstanding and highly skilled surgeon who follows patients thoroughly after the surgery to address any concerns that may arise. I highly recommend Dr Berntsen and her amazing staff!

   — Lynn A.


Dr. Berntsen just operated on my 5 week old baby yesterday morning. All staff at the hospital told us she was the absolute best! She took time to really chat with us, give us the plan, reassurance, and did an exceptional job. It is hard to let your tiny baby be wheeled away for an operation, but I knew he was in the best hands!

   — Crystal Johnson


Dr. Berntsen did an excellent job of explaining exactly what she would be doing during my surgery and made sure I understood. She listens and answers all my questions in a patient manner. She's great and I totally recommend her!

   — Linda Cordero