Reviews for Thomas J. Hamilton, DO


He's the best doctor ever. He really cares for his patience.

   — Michelle Rouse


Highly recommend Dr Hamilton. ! Great doctor. Really listens and makes you comfortable. And he knows his work.

   — Angela Rogers


Dr Hamilton listens to you and explains his reasoning very well. Very patent and willing to do whatever it takes to find solutions.

   — Joe Knowno


Excellent doctor ! Always shows great care !

   — Billy Ashwill


Very professional, knowledgeable, and willing to share information as necessary.

   — Roger Farthing


Dr. Hamilton is professional and has a care and concern approach that my family and I have not experienced before with a family doctor. I would highly recommend him. He is not afraid to tackle all mental issues including mental health and wellbeing.

   — Tracy Goforth


I have been seeing Dr. Hamilton for about a decade now. He is a good man and a fantastic doctor, I would recommend him to anyone. Dr. Hamilton is down to earth, friendly, informative, accommodating, and truly cares about your well being.

   — Jason White


My last experience with Dr Hamilton isn't any different from all my prior experiences. He's a good man and a good doctor. He listens.

   — Kansas P.


Dr Hamilton is one of my favorite doctors I will miss him if he ever retires. And I would highly recommend him

   — Vincent M Sheehan


I see dr Hamilton every month for my weight plus anything else I have going on

   — Audra Kahler


Excellent as always--answered all my questions

   — Stephen Suchsland


Dr Hamilton is very patient and listens to your concerns. I would recommend Dr. Hamilton to everyone I know.

   — Lori Williams


I've been seeing Dr. Hamilton for almost 30 years. He takes the time to listen, asks questions, makes suggestions, and works in partnership with me for the best possible health. Dr. Hamilton and his staff always greet me with a smile and a comment that shows they care and remember me (the person, not as a number).

   — Madon D.


Our family has seen Dr Hamilton for 30 years. This is a busy doctor and he has never rushed thru the appointment. An excellent physician.

   — Pat


Dr. Hamilton is a caring and thorough physician. He follows his patients even when he is not the doctor treating you at the moment...aka Cancer doctors locally and abroad. I feel like I am getting the best care.

   — Kim


I have had numerous occasions to visit with DR. Hamilton. He has always been considerate and professional in assessing my health care.

   — Roland Whye


I highly recommend Dr. Hamilton as well as his staff members. They are compassionate, caring, easy to talk with, understanding, knowledgeable, and they have common sense! My mom has been a patient of Dr. Tom's for over 30 years. We also really appreciate Jenny and Arlene. Those ladies are very accommodating, and truly care about my mom not only as a patient, but as a person. Our family feels blessed that mom has such a wonderful team caring for her.

   — Carrie Law


The wait is short and staff is very efficient and friendly. Dr Hamilton has been my physician for over 40 years and does an excellent job.

   — Bill Anderson


Excellent care.

   — Judy Michels


Very caring and respectful Doctor . Very explanatory if you have questions and on results of blood test . Highly recommend.

   — Donna


As always, our recent experience with Dr. Hamilton was excellent. He has been my mom's primary physician for years. First and foremost, Dr. Tom cares about his patients. He is kind and he takes the time to really listen to mom, and then explain to her what is happening medically. We trust him to care for her, and that means so much to our family -- and especially to mom. (We are also big fans of Arlene and Jenny who work for Dr. Tom!)

   — Carrie Law


Dr Hamilton is the best doctor I have ever seen and very professional who deeply cares about his patients because he shows us at every visit, anyway that is my experience. He actually listens to my concerns and what I have to say and doesn’t rush me out the door!! I drive 2.5 hours to see this doctor, which should indicate something all by itself! I’m overweight and we are working as a team for my weight loss. He hasn’t given up on me so I won’t give up on me! He gives me confidence!! A great doctor and advisor and knows what he is doing!!

   — Louene Bacon


I think Dr. Hamilton is the very best. He explains everything to me and helps me with my chronic pain. He also is very mindful of the medication and tests he gives me because of my insurance. When I was without insurance he also gave me a discount and watched what testing he did to me because he knew that I could not afford it. He is the best of Topeka, Kansas! I don't know what I would do without him!!!! Yes, I would recommend Dr. Hamilton but he is full of patients because everybody loves him!

   — Alison Kay Collins


Amazing physician

   — Lexie

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