Tidbit Tuesday: Measure Success without the Scale

After weight loss surgery, you may find yourself frustrated with the scale.  You’re doing “everything right” yet the scale will not budge.  There are many reasons why that could be happening; it’s either a result of not truly implementing a healthy lifestyle or it happens after subsequent weeks of dramatic weight loss (See our article, Plateaus Happen). Toss the scale to the side and start measuring your success without a weight attached. 

Some things that don’t include the scale but are just as important and worth celebrating as success:    

  • You were able to get in an extra workout and maybe even increased your speed or strength training.
  • You notice your sleep has improved.
  • You have more energy.
  • You are consuming the required daily protein needed. (Protein Intake After Bariatric Surgery)
  • You got in the minimum of 64 ounces of daily fluid.  (Fluid intake After Bariatric Surgery)
  • You remembered to take all of your required supplements. (Supplements)
  • Your clothes are fitting looser.   
  • You are in less pain.
  • Your mood has improved. 
  • You can bend down and tie your shoes without being winded.
  • You can cross your legs. 
  • You don’t have to use a seatbelt extender. 
  • Your lab work is improving. 

Any “non-scale victory” is something you need to be very proud of.  Remember that health is not about the weight you lose but is about the life you gain.   

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