Tidbit Tuesday: Water Workouts

There are many benefits of working out in the water – either by swimming or doing water aerobics.  Summer will be here before we know it so there will be plenty of opportunities to hop in the water outdoors!  While it is still cold outside, try to find an indoor pool. Listed below are just a few of the benefits of water workouts:     

  1. Your joints are supported in the water.  If you have bad knees, you can do water jogging or kicking while you hold onto the wall.  Even doing some light water calisthenics, such as jumping jacks, can get your heart rate going and takes the pressure off of your body’s joints. 
  1. It is more relaxing than the treadmill.  Water is calming and many people report working out in water is easy on both the mind and body. 
  1. You sweat less in water.   Your body maintains a more even temperature in the water, even lower than your own body’s temperature.  In the water, you may feel like you are working less even though your body is doing more. 
  1. You burn more calories.  Pool water temperature is usually lower than your body temperature, which increases your metabolic rate or rate at which your body burns more calories.  You can burn approximately 400-500 calories for an hour long water workout. 
  1. It’s family friendly.  You can let your kids play in the pool and be in the water with them doing your exercises.  You can even play different games together in the water such as volleyball, basketball and Marco Polo just to name a few. 
  2. Water provides body resistance.  Water workouts are like weight training for your entire body.  Walking or running in water is a great exercise because your body has to work through the water to gain motion, engaging all of your muscles. It serves as a great cardiovascular and strength training exercise. 
  3. Improves agility, balance and cardiovascular fitness.  Those who have other conditions, such as arthritis, fibromyalgia, back pain, joint replacements, neurological conditions or balance problems, benefit greatly from pool exercise. 

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