Breast Center

We are your partners in the fight against cancer. This is our Topeka, and we work tirelessly to put our community’s health first. The St. Francis campus’ Breast Center is a full-service mammography facility approved by the Federal Drug Administration and accredited by the American College of Radiology.

The Breast Center now offers 3D Mammography. For decades doctors have been searching for a technology to help them find very small cancers or rule out “false positives” and reduce the number of women who are called back for a diagnostic mammogram.

With 3D Mammography, the radiologist can see breast tissue detail in a way never before possible. Instead of viewing all the complexities of your breast tissue in a flat image, the doctor can examine the tissue a millimeter at a time. Fine details are more clearly visible, no longer hidden by the tissue above and below.

3D Mammography may be used in conjunction with traditional digital mammography as part of your annual screening mammogram to capture more breast images.

At the St. Francis campus Breast Center, we bring our community access to wide array of diagnostic tools and services, including:

  • 3D mammography 
  • Digital screening mammograms
  • Digital diagnostic mammograms
  • Breast exams
  • Stereotactic biopsies
  • Needle localizations
  • Breast ultrasound and ultrasound-guided procedures
  • Bone densities
  • Designated radiologist
  • Picture archival and communication system to expedite your care plans
  • R2 Image Checker, which provides a second opinion on mammograms
  • Breast MRI, in which radio frequency pulses help create detailed pictures of the breast