To achieve the highest level of quality and patient safety, The University of Kansas Health System St. Francis Campus remains focused on pursuing the latest best practices and most advanced technologies in the health care industry. We are actively engaged in researching and implementing quality improvement initiatives focused on measuring and improving patient outcomes.

One major area of focus are our Hospital Acquired Infections, including Clostridium difficile (C-diff) In order to improve efficiency and efficacy of our testing process and treatment of C-difficile and decrease the number of cases in our facility a new protocol was put into place to test and detect this early. To do this we:

  1. Moved to identify symptomatic patients within 3 midnights of admission
  2. Authorized Infection prevention to place the order for testing when appropriate
  3. Implemented a two-step lab testing protocol
  4. Added the c-diff policy protocol to nursing orientation

In 2018 the number of these types of infections was 14. After these protocols were put into place the total number in 2019 was 5, a 64% reduction.