Dry Needling

What is dry needling?

Dry needling is a therapeutic technique in which a trained physical or occupational therapist uses small filament needles to treat muscle trigger points that are producing pain. This therapy assists in restoring normal muscle and nerve function to reduce pain.

Is dry needling like acupuncture?

Dry needling is not acupuncture. Dry needling is based on a Western medicine approach utilizing trigger points within the body responsible for referred pain. Acupuncture is based on Eastern medicine and normalizing the energy of the body.

What ailments is dry needling used for?

Dry needling can be a treatment alone or may be utilized in addition to traditional rehabilitation therapy to treat the following ailments:
• Joint pain of the shoulder, elbow, hip, knee and ankle
• Back pain
• Tendonitis
• Migraine/tension headaches
• Temporomandibular joint (TMJ) and other jaw pain or disorders
• Neck pain
• Repetitive use disorders, such as carpal tunnel syndrome
• Plantar fasciitis

Is dry needling safe?

We take special care to ensure the safety of our patients. Only fully trained, licensed physical and occupational therapists will complete your treatment using sterile equipment.

Is dry needling painful?

Pain level is dependent upon the patient and area being treated. It can be uncomfortable, however, any pain is typically short-lived.

Is dry needling covered by insurance?

Insurance does not currently reimburse for this treatment. However, we offer this treatment as a fee-for-service or cash payment service. Price is dependent on the number of muscles treated.

How do I get started?

Depending on your specific needs, you may be able to self-refer or require a prescription for treatment. If you are interested in dry needling, please call one of our two locations offering this service to have our specialists determine your individual treatment needs.

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