Reviews for Marius Pacioianu, MD


Dr. Pacioianu is one of the most compassionate physicians I know. He takes the time needed with his patients to discuss and explain things in detail. His staff are also very helpful and caring. I highly recommend Dr. Pacioianu. He receives five stars from me.

   — Deana Marsh


Dr. Pacioianu is one of the kindest, caring doctors I've ever met. He's very professional and extremely thorough. Would highly recommend him and his staff.

   — Jerry Haag


Very good experience

   — Larry Wecker


Very good advice and prompt appointment

   — Ken Berry


Thorough exam. Pleasant to converse with. Answered all questions.

   — Paul Muxlow


Dr Pacioianu is very good!! He has been my doctor for a very long time. He is the best!!

   — Marla Isaac


Super nice staff and always ready to ask any questions.

   — Marylin Buzzell


Very caring concerned Doctor who finally took the time to identify my issues. Staff polite and professional..I never have to wait he is right in as soon as I arrive

   — Lori Chavez


Dr. Pacioianu is the most caring, considerate and knowledgeable physician I have ever had the privilege of working with in my almost 80 years of life.

   — David Woods


Based on his reputation, I waited 2 years for Dr. Pacioianu to accept new patients. I was impressed with his expertise, knowledge, intuitions and assessment of my past and present health conditions. His nurse, Marilyn, was exceptional too. I feel confident my health will improve under their care.

   — Kmah RC


Very pleasant and informative visit.

   — Chester Johnson


I have been a patient of Dr. Pacioianu's for several years. My older sister is now a patient of his also. We feel we get good care from him and his office staff. I trust him with my life. Nurses Ann, Nancy and Marilyn are so nice, polite and friendly and knowledgeable.

   — Sharon Dister


He listens, and he really cares.

   — Jeanette Driscoll


Dr. Pacioianu and staff were extremely courteous, prompt and thorough. I highly recommend them.

   — Richard Mertz


Dr. Pacioianu is the best Dr.I have been with him for about17 years, I can’t say enough good things about him, hope he will always be here.

   — Mary Ann Mock


Appointment was efficient. Dr Pacioanu was attentive and skillful. A very good experience!

   — The Yorke Powells


At my last appointment with Dr Pacioianu I asked if we could try to lower my blood sugar and the Lisinopril/HCTZ 20-12 5MG TAB was RX given to me by Dr P. The first day I took the new med I began to feel tight in the head and ringing ears so I took my BP which kept climbing from 150 to over 210. So we went into the ER at Advent Hospital by our house where they monitored me until I returned to normal BP in about an hour. I must be alergic to HCTZ and don't want to try this med again. I have utmost faith in Dr Pacioianu still as well as his staff thank you all. MD I went back to the original Lisinopril with no HCTZ per Dr Anthony Albracht cardiologist at Advent that next day and have had no BP problems again. Dr. Pacioianu is a very kind professional Dr. and I enjoy his care of my case.

   — Marvin Davis


Dr. Pacioianu takes time to listen and review health care needs and issues. It is reassuring to have him as our mom's doctor!

   — Beth K


Marius and his staff were fantastic!

   — Nick Krug


Great doctor. Pays attention to details. Has a pleasing attitude toward patients.

   — Jimmie Hall


I really like Dr. Pacioianu. So far so good.

   — Roseanne McCann

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