Comprehensive Childbirth Education - Six Week Series

Jun 04 2022 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm

This class is a free, six-week, two-hour per week course taught by a certified Lamaze instructor for expecting people and their birth support team members who desire comprehensive, evidence-based information on the process of normal childbirth.

At the completion of this course, pregnant individuals and their accompanying support people will be able to discuss and apply the 6 Healthy Birth Practices (as defined by Lamaze International) to their impending labor and birth experiences. Participants will be able to draw conclusions in regards to their options for comfort, pain management and interventions in their labor experience. Participants will also leave this course with a well-rounded understanding of basic labor anatomy and physiology, the birth process, confidence in their ability to birth or support their loved one through birth and the confidence to advocate for themselves in the form of informed consent in all medical situations going forward.

Classes are located at St. Francis Campus, 1700 SW 7th Street, in the second floor classrooms or meeting rooms. Please enter at Entry A and take the main elevators to the second floor. For the safety of all patients and visitors, you will be required to wear a mask and have your temperature taken at the entrance. Please arrive early; as the doors close promptly at the class start time to ensure there is time to cover all pertinent information. If you arrive late, we will request that you make plans to attend another class.

Class Schedule:
Saturday, June 4
Saturday, June 11
Saturday, June 18
Saturday, June 25
Saturday, July 2
Saturday, July 9

Event Fee: 
The University of Kansas Health System St. Francis Campus
1700 SW 7th St.
2nd floor, Meeting Room 1
Topeka, KS 66606
Event Contact: 
Mandy Chapin
(785) 270-5072
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