Reviews for Ameer Shams, MD


Dr. Ameer Shams has been taking care of me for about a year now. Dr. Shams has been the nicest primary care doctor I've ever had. He always does a phenomenal job addressing all of my medical needs during a medical visit but also the leadership and guidance I need to get my medical issues answered. Thank you for everything you do Dr. Ameer Shams!

   — Matthew Woolaway


Dr. Shams listens to my problem and figures out a solution. Best physician I’ve ever had. I would definitely recommend

   — Nick And Michelle Cairns


Responsive and helpful physician! This is my second time seeing him when my regular MD wasn’t available and he has been great both times.

   — Suchitra Ram


Dr.Shams was rude as any Dr I've ever seen. Ready to move on. I was not happy.

   — William Allen


I am grateful to Dr. Shams for figuring out what was going on. He really listens!

   — Paula Alejos


Dr Shams is knowledgeable, kind, and helpful.

   — Sue Hamlin


I scheduled an appointment with this doctor when my regular physician was not available anytime soon. He mentioned during the consultation that I was very past due for my labs and that my other doctor had requested it. I explained how unclear the front desk staff had been about the tests in the past. He was very helpful and clear and patient about the whole process. He made notes and explained to the staff what I needed and we got it done. Now everyone is happy and I got my prescription filled. Thanks.

   — Chris


I met with Doctor Shams for a very short time because I could not get into my regular Doctor. He listened to me and ordered an xray of my knee.

   — Rose Roquet


Dr. Shams was filling in for my regular Doctor. He did a fantastic job of reviewing my problems and listening to my concerns. I felt well taken care of.

   — Michael Rafferty


Dr. Shams was very professional, knowledgeable, and showed genuine concern when treating me. I am very grateful for his kind service which went well above and beyond any expectations. I would highly recommend Dr. Shams to anyone looking for excellent healthcare!

   — Jackie Hovey

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