Reviews for Benedict F. Figuerres, MD


My knee replacement is the best thing I've ever done. Dr. Figuerres is the best! I had both knees done at the same time with absolutely no issues!

   — Nic Logan


Dr Figuerres has performed six surgeries on my knee. Unfortunately when the revision, I developed a horrible infection, preforming five more surgeries, culminating I the ultimate, amputation. Since that time, I’ve seen him for steroid injections in my shoulders.

   — Steve Robinson


I am happy with Dr. Figuerres and Lindsay.

   — Knee Surgery


Dr. Figuerres has been a wonderful doctor. He was straight and honest with me about my choices and when I asked him what he would do in my case he told me and then said “but it’s up to you”. I abuse my knees and he has helped me and will again help me.

   — Sally Glassman


Saw Dr Figuerres for ankle injury. I am a previous patient of dr Figuerres for knee replacement. He is a great dr. Knowledgeable, kind and caring.

   — Sandy J


I broke my left shoulder because of a fall. He carefully explained my injury and treatment options. He was kind and really seemed to know his stuff .

   — Leah E Cappaletti


I can't believe there was some low stars for Dr. Figuerres! He has been an excellent Dr from my personal experience. Dr. Figuerres even checked on me after surgery on the weekend. I personally wouldn't go off other people's responses because not everyone will be honest. I want to know if they completed physical therapy, rested after surgery or etc. Remember this is just my point of view & I can even admit that I didn't always do what I was supposed to do as well. I have & will continue to recommend Dr. Figuerres.

   — Cynthia Fearing


Dr. Figuerres performed rotor cuff surgery on my left and right shoulders over the course of two years. Excellent surgeon, caring physician and individual. He took the time to address concerns and answered questions at every visit. He also followed up with phone calls after hours and on weekends to monitor my progress. I also appreciated his ability to accurately access my pain threshhold and to safely and effectively treat it accordingly. In addition, my PT group had informed me it was a pleasure to work with Dr. Figuerres .

   — May Springer


An excellent surgeon with equally excellent staff. Dr Figuerres has been treating an arthritic hip for 3 years. He listened to my concerns and took time to answer my questions. I had no bruising following my total hip! I reiterate, an excellent orthopedic doctor.

   — Theresa Slover


I’m waiting to hear back about my pt in Wamego. I’m ready to. He’s a very nice man. I’m not sure the small towns are very acceptable of a new patient.? Or, Even have an opening?

   — Tammy Ann I’m


Dr.Ben, is an excellent Doctor, he operated on my knee and years later repaired my rotator cuff. I abhor being cut on but if I have to be, I wouldn't want anyone but Dr. Figuerres. He's one of the kindest Physicians I've ever met. He has good bedside manner, explains things in a way that you can understand. He's very patient. I can't say enough about him and I'm usually not that fond of Doctors but Dr. Figuerres is an exception to the rule... I highly recommend him to anyone requiring surgery...

   — Francis Rochelle Chambers


Dr.Figuerres replaced my husband's acl and neither of us have ever had such an amazing experience in the health care field. My husband has been in several motorcycle accidents (although not the cause of acl surgery) and due to this we have had hospital visits all overt the country. We can both say 100% that Dr.Figuerres was the most compatient, professional and patient Doctor we have ever been to. He even called on Easter to check on my husband and his knee. I'd fly across the country to have him perform surgery on me.

   — Mandi Solomon

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