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Every baby born in our birthing unit, the NewLife Center, is a tiny marvel. It is our privilege to welcome them to the world and to support their families along the way. The NewLife Center features a collaborative environment where patients benefit from the medical expertise of physicians and certified nurse midwives. The labor and delivery team at The University of Kansas Health System—St. Francis Campus is proud to be a part of a legacy of compassionate care that has welcomed thousands of new lives to Kansas.

Birthing Suites

The NewLife Center offers birthing suites in which women can experience labor, delivery and recovery all in one room. We are committed to state-of-the-art care in a warm and comfortable environment.

Each suite features a whirlpool bath for relaxation, as well as a TV and CD/stereo equipment. Convertible sofa beds are in all rooms for partners and birthing coaches to sleep or rest. Additionally, each room supplies constant mother and fetal monitoring. The monitoring systems allow 24-hour observation from the nurses' station.

A dedicated Cesarean-section delivery operating room is adjacent to the birthing suites, offering convenience for patients having surgical deliveries.

Postpartum Rooms

Our NewLife Center has 10 additional rooms for recovering mothers. Five family suites provide a comfortable queen-size bed to allow your family to bond in a homelike environment, with plenty of space for patient care and equipment. The other five rooms offer a comfortable hospital bed and a sofa bed for partners or other family members.

Level II Special Care Nursery

For infants born up to eight weeks early, our Level II Special Care Nursery provides expert care. If your newborn requires extra medical attention, this nursery offers sophisticated support in a warm, caring environment. The neonatologists collaborate with neonatal nurse practitioners (NNPs) and labor and delivery nurses in the NewLife Center to care for infants who may need extra support. The NNPs, nurses and respiratory therapists are sensitive to families' needs and encourage participation in caring for your baby.

In addition, our Level II Special Care nurses and NNPs are specially trained to stabilize a baby safely and efficiently. They will quickly recognize and respond to changing conditions.

As parents of babies who graduate from the Level II nursery, you will get to stay in a homelike graduation room the night before your baby is discharged. This special room offers you the opportunity to learn how to care for your infant when you return home while experiencing the support of our specialized staff.

Expectant Parent Classes

Preparing for a baby is an exciting time and we are proud to provide a wide variety of classes for expectant parents and their families. Our classes are offered all year long and are built to provide education and resources for both new parents and veteran parents alike. Our goal is to prepare you for before, during, and after your baby is born. Most of our classes are free and open to anyone interested in delivering at our NewLife Center.

Learn more about our classes and register here.

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Labor & Delivery