Charlotte Perry, APRN

4.3 out of 5 
Office Location:
The University of Kansas Health System Jewell


600 SW Jewell Ave.
Topeka , KS 66606
Phone: 785-295-5310
Family Medicine
Primary Care

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Charlotte did a great job. She filled in for Dr. Klassen who had seen Doris on 4/29/2024, but did not leave any notes in Doris' file indicating that she had even seen her and she was out of the country until June 3, 2024!! Doris was moving into an Assisted Living Facility on 5/21/2024 and could not move in without a current physical/eval. We thought we had this taken of and were VERY surprised when we were notified saying that they could not let her move in because there was no record of her even being seen. Thanks Charlotte.

   — Brenda


I was from the beginning and still am happy with my choice of Charlotte Perry, APRN.She listens to what I say, respects the choices I make about my health care. She takes the time to answer all my questions. I have never felt rushed by her. I have in the past had physicians that I did not like on a personal level and finally decided I was not doing that ever again. I hope Charlotte is in practice for a long time to come. Her nurse, Joy is great too.

   — Linda McGinnis


She gave me the answers I needed for my health concerns.

   — Carol


I found Charlotte delightful!! It was primarily a meet and greet but she did schedule an x-ray ASAP. She addressed all my concerns. I'm HMO so it's a different and new experience for me as well. She offered answers and gave me referral information as I'm also a chronic pain patient with a variety of other health concerns that got neglected due to COVID. She was very kind and patient. She's proficient and listens. She has a beautiful smile on top of it. I was impressed with her, the staff, and the response back from her office on the x-ray results, and a referral to an orthopedic. Speedy process I felt and very pleasant first time experience.

   — Relief!!


Charlotte Perry and her staff are very thorough and complete. I had Loretta Hoerman for many many years and when I asked about Charlotte, she said she would be a good fit for me. She was right, she is. I would recommend her to anyone.

   — Rosetta Webb


She's very comfortable to talk to. I look forward to her commitment to my health.

   — Jay Collins

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