J. Steven Bear, MD

Office Location:
The University of Kansas Health System Jewell


600 SW Jewell Ave.
Topeka , KS 66606
Phone: 785-295-5310
Family Medicine
Primary Care

Education: University of Kansas School of Medicine

Residency: Smoky Hill Family Medicine


Dr. Bear is a family medicine physician with experience in a full spectrum of family medicine services including outpatient, inpatient, geriatric, obstetrics, acute and emergency care. He attended the University of Kansas School of Medicine in Kansas City and completed his residency at Smoky Hill Family Medicine. He also has a background in Public Health, receiving a Master of Science degree from John Hopkins School of Public Health and helped establish the JayDoc Free Clinic in Kansas City, KS which provides care to uninsured and underinsured Greater Kansas City residents. He has special interest in preventative care for the entire family as well as treating patients with diabetes and hypertension. 

Dr. Bear is a resident of Jackson County where he lives with his wife and three young children. He is excited to be providing primary care services to the residents of his community as well as surrounding communities.


Featured Reviews



Doctor Bear successfully followed up and lowered my blood pressure. Very careful and thorough monitoring with another follow up in September with lab work. Dr. Darryl Pokea, Psychologist

   — Darryl Pokea


Dr Bear listens and knows what he is doing

   — Carissa Dyer


Dr. Bear seems courteous and professional. appointments have been on time. He seems to work "by the book" and does not seem to encourage discussion of concerns other than those scheduled for the ccurrent appointment. He did quickly review the recent test results and past concerns briefly. Given the number of people he needs to see each day, I believe he served my needs adequately.

   — Nancy Johnson


Takes care of me well.

   — Mike Meyer


Dr. Bear is a good listener and answer questions with great detail and ensures the patient understands fully.

   — Al Villalobos


Dr. Bear is very good manner and answers all the questions. He is new to me as a good many Drs. are at this time in my journey in life. You must always remember to share all your symptom's with your Dr. as they see many patients besides you. Most Drs. have a 15minute timeline, However we all have a limited one too.

   — Robert Provo

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