Reviews for Moshe Kincade, APRN


It was good!!

   — Robin Hamilton


My experience with Moshe was excellent. She provided the most thorough examination I have had and made me feel like she was genuinely concerned with helping put/keep me on a path to better health.

   — Faye Homes


She was thorough and very knowledgeable, friendly and personable.

   — Carlyon Tipton


Very professional and thorough. Took adequate time to get my health information up to date and explained her diagnosis and treatment in easily understandable terms.

   — Jim Janousek


Her kindness and compassion. She is very thorough and cares about her patients. She will explain everything to you and then ask if you have any questions or any response to what she explained. I am glad I chose her as my medical technician!

   — Terry Riley


Moshe listens and gives a through exam based on what my concerns are. The care she recommended going forward was based on her listening skills and her medical knowledge. I feel confident in the care she will continue giving me.

   — Marty Brewer


WIt times were minimal Really feel like Moshe listens and cares

   — Kristy Blake


Very thorough and knowledgable. I felt like she cared about my health. Thank you

   — Connie Eddy


Moshe was very professional and very helpful.

   — Trish Davidson


Good Dr!!!

   — K Riley


Miss Kincade is a very good nurse practitioner you ordered a lab work I didn’t know what it was for, I didn’t understand why , and I don’t remember you saying I needed lab work , I would of asked in detail what it was for, I would of stopped by the lab, I didn’t noticed it till i was home , when I called Leanna but I didn’t understand what she meant ,(I was having mania ,I’m better now and took extra klonopin for a few days ) I just saw Kara at my urologist on the 1st , and everything was fine , so I called my urologist , Mathew her LPN just called me today Wednesday and explained in detail what the test was for and that I should have it done ,it was important if you ordered it , it wasn’t a lab I thought it was ( I just know enough to be dangerous) sorry I Was so bullheaded my mania was no not trust you , I will always trust you now,my surgery on my thumb joint was yesterday, I called Amy after speaking to Matthew , told her to tell you I was sorry , and I would get the lab drawn on the 29 th , when I have follow up with Dr Gillen , thank you so much. !!

   — Patricia Robinson


Moshe is a very good listener. I value her knowledge. If she isn't sure of the symptoms she researches the.

   — Donna Steinle


She is the best. I'm glad I got in with her. She seems very knowledgeable, professional and caring.

   — Dona Waldo


Moshe was very friendly, professional and thorough. She answered all of my questions. I look forward to seeing her next year!

   — Deb Johnson

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