Reviews for Peter L. Loo, MD


Dr Loo is very knowledgeable and professional. East to talk to and listens. Highly recommend. Nurse Mary is tremendous.

   — Steve Maki


Dr.Loo was very good. He always gave me 3 options for treatment and told me the one he would do but ultimately always left all decisions with me which was great.

   — Travis Dietrick


Dr Loo was very kind and understanding of my need and helpful getting me set up with a orthopedic surgeon to help me. He and his staff also responded to help me to get a brace until surgery can be done.

   — Linda Cook


Dr. Loo is a very personable and fine young man and doctor and he knows when he is doing as a physician I really like him.

   — Michael Bales


I love Dr. Loo, he's tended to my family n myself. Very informative and polite. Great guy 😁

   — Noemi Bueno


I was very pleased with Dr. Loo, he was professional and had a pleasant personality. I liked how he was very informative and explained things in layman terms, so easy to understand.

   — Deva Randel


Dr. Loo was very professional, polite, knowledgeable and helpful. He met my expectations as he came highly recommended.

   — Stephen SS


Dr. Loo has been wonderful helping me with my stress fracture and getting my FMLA paperwork filled out quickly.

   — Leslie Johnson


Dr. Loo is an excellent physician; always takes time to listen and to answer any questions. He and his nurse are professional yet caring people.

   — Ella Kogl


I highly recommend Dr. Loo. He is kind, explains everything and offers suggestions for home comfort and care. I see him for Synvisc-ONE injections in my knee. Knee injections can be extremely painful. I have not experienced any pain during the injections. He uses cold anesthetic spray and guided imagery when injecting. I have had dozens of injections from different physicians and Dr. Loo is hands down the best!

   — Merry Glover


Dr. Loo is very patient, kind and caring. I sat beside him to see the x-rays on the computer. I will not hesitate to go see him again. Thank you Dr. Loo!!

   — Debbie Vaughn


Had a great experience, everything went smooth and easy!



Very knowledgeable, friendly and willing to listen. Excellent experience!!

   — Roger Elser


I was able to get in to see Dr. Loo very quickly, seeing him the same week I scheduled my appointment. Once at the appointment, I had very little wait time. He is very personable and thorough, and was helpful in explaining all of my options for a treatment plan. I would definitely see him again if needed.

   — Jessica L


Just left Dr. Loo office and he is AMAZING. He did the procedure Iovera on my left knee and it feels so much better. I can't say enought good things about this procedure, Dr. Loo and his wonderful friendly staff. Check it out you won't be sorry.

   — Patti Hill


Dr. Loo explained the procedure very well. He answered my questions with patience and caring. He also explained the procedure to my husband. He was personable and made my experience a pleasant one. I was also very pleased with the result of the procedure. The staff was efficient and kind. I will recommend Dr. Loo to anyone interested in an Iovera treatment.

   — Anita Tatum


I have been going to Dr Loo for several years , he is an amazing Dr , I trust him completely, he has an excellent bed side manner ,his nurse Mary is a very wonderful nurse , I may still see him for injections for my Left thumb as it doesn’t give me as much problem as my right , I still have fine and gross motor skills with the left I don’t want to have surgery on my left thumb unless absolutely at the last resort , my right thumb and wrist is at the last resort ,my thumb ,not my wrist but there may be a time , Dr Loo is very patient and his nurse too , thank you so much , my left thumb is hardly hurting now , I don’t even need an injection ,I don’t know why?You have my upmost respect and trust , Dr Loo , I would recommend you to a another patient who you can help !! Thank you Sir , Patty Robinson .10/12/21

   — Patricia Robinson


Dr. Loo is very thorough and comfortable to talk to in regards to my medical wellbeing. I highly recommend him!

   — Cathy Seifert


One of the best all round Doctor. My husband was a patient when he was a resident and we referred that we was unable to follow him to Topeka. We both are exstadic to have him back practicing at Ku. Will most definitely make him our Primary Doctor again. In fact waiting on his office to call to schedule an appointment as we speak.

   — Chris Silvey


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   — Ramiro Garcia

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