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Orthopedic & Sports Medicine at The University of Kansas Health System St. Francis Campus provides comprehensive sports medicine services including the diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of athletic injuries. Whether you are a youth sports participant, "weekend warrior”, or professional athlete, our orthopedic and sports medicine providers utilize state-of-the-art techniques to help get you back in the game. Orthopedic Man Golfing

As the team physicians for many Northeast Kansas area high schools, our providers know what athletes want in their sports medicine physician. Attendance at sporting events, prompt access to evaluation, a thorough explanation of the diagnosis and treatment options, and when necessary, expert surgical care are all important elements of our approach to the care of the injured athlete.


Sports Medicine Specialty Services


Athletic Training Services

The University of Kansas Health System St. Francis Campus Orthopedic and Sports Medicine provides certified athletic trainers (ATCs) for area school district event coverage and community sporting events. When an athlete is injured, the ATC is there to assess the injury, and if needed, expedite the athlete’s referral to the appropriate healthcare professional.

ATCs are highly qualified, multi-skilled health care professionals who earn a degree from an accredited athletic training program. They are board certified and licensed with the Kansas State Board of Healing Arts. ATCs may provide services such as education in injury prevention, emergency care, clinical diagnosis, therapeutic intervention, and rehabilitation of injuries and medical conditions. ATCs are recognized by the American Medical Association, as well as the National Federation of State High School Association. The American Medical Association recommends an ATC to be in attendance at all school and sporting events.

For information on how our athletic trainers can provide medical coverage for your sporting events, please contact us at 785-270-7354.


Athletic Training Staff

Brianna Medina-Arnold, LAT, ATC

Samantha Mihalic, MS, LAT, ATC

Jon Vincent, LAT, ATC

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