Tidbit Tuesday: Shopping for Clothes

It’s exciting yet frustrating to open your closet and realize all of the clothes you have are now too big and no longer fit you well.  So how can you dress while still shedding weight after bariatric surgery and manage to not break the bank?  Below you will find some helpful tips to get you through the different stages of weight loss. 

• Buy the basics, but splurge just a little on accessories.  Basics are versatile; you can dress them up or dress them down.  For example, a black dress can be worn to the office or out grocery shopping.  If you are looking to dress it up or add color, pair it with some nice accessories such as a scarf, cute shoes or jewelry.  For men, a pair of dark pants and your basic top is also very versatile and stylish. 

• Choose stretchy material.  Leggings are a good example of pants that will change with your size.  Leggings are another clothing item that you can dress up or dress down by pairing with a multitude of tops.   Both men and women can find other types of pants, including jeans and dress pants that have some spandex in the fabric.

• Shop in your own closet.  Your weight may have changed through the years and you may have smaller clothing tucked away.  See what you may have in your closet that now fits.  This is also a good time to take the items that are too big out of your closet and put into bags to take to a thrift store or consignment shop. 

• Buy the minimum.  It’s hard not to get excited when you can pull clothing items right off the rack and they fit. However, resist the urge to fill your closet up with all new clothes.  Buy the minimum to get you to the next clothing size.  You’ll get to go shopping again in no time after you drop another few sizes. 


• Buy for the size you are now.  Your body is going to change a lot after weight loss surgery.  You want to feel good in the clothes you are in.  Rather than buying clothes that may fit “someday”, pick clothing that will fit you now.  You will feel more comfortable and confident. 

• Shop thrift stores, consignment shops or garage sales.  Most thrift stores have clothing in great condition and many with tags still on them.  Be aware - it’s easy to get carried away with buying from these kinds of stores as prices are usually very low.  Remember to just buy what you need immediately.  And if you are headed to a thrift store or consignment shop, take your own pieces that no longer fit to donate or consign. 

• Alter your old favorites.  If you have a favorite piece of clothing that may have been expensive or have sentimental value, consider having it tailored once your weight has stabilized.  Don’t go buy a new belt or watch – take what you have to a leather shop and have them punch new holes in them so they will fit your slimmer self.  Suit jackets can be taken in at the waist so it will fit for years to come. 

• Celebrate.  Shopping for new clothing is a fun way to celebrate your successful weight loss.  Reward yourself by dressing as the confident and beautiful person that you are – you deserve it.

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